How To Choose Genuine Leather Italian Chairs?

1 year ago Heather Ford 0

Leather Italian chairs are often considered the best in furniture. That is also because of the quality of leather that is used. When it comes to choosing Italian leather chairs of the best quality you need to find chairs that are made from legitimate or genuine Italian leather. Also, the other components used in the making of such chairs need to be made from the best materials. If you opt for a genuine Italian furniture piece it will last out decades if looked after properly.

Features of Italian leather

There are certain features of Italian leather that make it unique. For instance, if you opt for red Italian leather it is thick, durable and soft. There might be imperfections and the design or pattern of natural leather will not be uniform. The epidermis is kept intact in Italian leather which is referred to as top grain or full grain leather. Chairs made of real Italian leather would have the look of a cow’s hide on the underside.

How to choose genuine Italian leather chairs?

If the patterns on the leather seem repetitive or uniform, it could be made of vinyl instead of real leather. There is also a unique smell associated with real leather; in the case of Italian leather, the smell is fragrant and sweet which resembles the woods. It would also have a thicker texture than vinyl. Imitation leather in certain cases is also termed as Italian leather as the real features are mimicked in such products. When you opt for quality Italian chairs of leather you will find that such chairs are made from solid and good quality wood; such wood will not rot or warp; cushions used on such chairs are made of high-quality foam that makes them resilient and firm. Such chairs are made from hand-sewn leather and handmade springs.

Once you know what to look for, check out the names of reputed dealers or manufacturers of genuine Italian leather furniture. You can check out their online catalogs and know their history, which should span decades if they have been in the business of making leather furniture and upholstery. It is best to find reputed and well-known brands whose products would have the genuine materials and quality make and finish. If you are ordering from online, ensure the genuineness of the products before making a purchase.